Integration of analytical instruments and specific operational skills
“Clean up the table”
from many proposals

Increase of dedicated structure’s efficiency versus
the entire wealth
Dedicated team
for transaction execution and the investments’ audit
  • Strengthening risk management activity
    as a decision tool
  • Building quantitative (including forward looking) models on the global wealth
  • Merging corporate finance,
    markets and risk management
  • Deepening matters
    or specific products
  • Conducting analysis
    and filtering third parties proposals
  • Declining investments beyond relationship constraints
  • Seeking external expertise for specific goals
  • Coordinating reporting and operations of financial institutions
  • Widening the scope
    of action of the structure without additional fixed costs
  • Providing flexibility
    to the structure to make it dedicating to higher priority activities
  • Optimizing capital management in a private equity portfolio
  • Optimizing wealth governance and the dialogue among different generations
  • Strengthening the overall idea generation and execution capacity
  • Professionally and confidentially performing corporate finance transactions
  • Drawing up a reporting
    over the entire wealth useful to strategic monitoring
  • Presiding – where required – corporate investments