Greater control over
the entire wealth

Definition of an overall strategy for asset’s preservation and growth

Ongoing analysis and useful advices for the wealth governance and for the education of new generations
Dedicated team for operational execution
and investments’ audit

  • Assessing the wealth and all expected financial flows
  • Understanding investment products
  • Reducing unnecessary costs
  • Understanding and reducing overall risks
  • Identifying needs for intervention on any part
    of the wealth
  • Defining investments criteria and preparing
    an action plan
  • Combining financial needs with return expectations
  • Verifying corporate strategies with the macroeconomic scope
  • Performing technical analysis and providing financial advices on any single investment
  • Forming a decision-making forum extended to criteria and members chosen by the Client
  • Conducting a comparison of the iterations between the family business and
    the rest of the wealth
  • Facilitating a comparison between different involved generations
  • Actively co-operating with financial institutions
  • Professionally executing even extraordinary transactions
  • Continuously monitoring both risk and return profile
  • Presiding – where required – corporate investments